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welcome to sight of mind hypnosis

welcome to sight of mind hypnosis

welcome to sight of mind hypnosis welcome to sight of mind hypnosis

welcome to sight of mind hypnosis

welcome to sight of mind hypnosis

welcome to sight of mind hypnosis welcome to sight of mind hypnosis welcome to sight of mind hypnosis

Discover Sight of Mind

Discover Sight of Mind

Who We Are


Our Medical Approach

Our Medical Approach

Our Medical Approach

Our experience enables us to offer effective, individualized treatments, for the relief and transformation of physical, and psychological conditions. The treatment of a number of mental health disorders, providing possible breakthroughs and alternatives to physical, behavioural, psychological and sensitory conditions.



Our Medical Approach

Our Medical Approach

Hypnosis gently, and naturally, accesses the subconscious region of the mind. It enables a restructured relationship with our unconscious  memories, emotional imprints, and belief systems. If you want to experience a powerful gift of becoming -- this state  of change making  might just resonate, with you.

 Individuals can heal, transform and experience  extraordinary breakthroughs; in a matter of sessions...

Imagine a crowning sense of  total liberation...permanently...



Past Life Regression

Our Medical Approach

Past Life Regression

Every encounter you access, will be safely navigated. Your discoveries of alternative experiences, are a gateway to a profound and exciting level, of release, and revelation, of your being; in this lifetime. The beauty and mystery of this informative and deepening experience, is to help you grow from struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to,  be, in your life. Past life regression therapy is an exciting, and adventurous, means to explore regions of experience that can unlock answers, and release current physical, and psychological conditions held over, from a previous incarnation. It can also resolve, and bring clarity and understanding; to relationships and situations that continue to repeat, in this lifetime. Done correctly, this is a set apart experience, one can ever encounter, and greatly benefit, from. An experience you will not forget.


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Our Therapy


Depression Anxiety PTSD Panic Trauma Addictions dISEASE stress fears dysfunction

 Anxiety, depression, anger, and helplessness, are some of the most common, and uncomfortable emotions, that we can experience at some point in our lives. Traumas, losses, and other painful experiences that linger, can lead us to cope through addictions, extreme suffering, or creating symptoms of disease.  Hypnosis treatment facilitates a high degree of managing and or overcoming these conditions naturally.



As a result of painful experiences, many individuals experience credulous conditions of mind, body, and habit, while others are highly sensitive, or not fully nurtured, and encouraged. Powerful hypnotic upgrades, can assist major breakthroughs in any condition that prevents, an optimized, or sovereign, motivation and success.




The quality of relationships, socializing, and connectivity, has shifted for many. Greater narcissistic prevalences, and our own unique upgrades to accelerated culture; nudges greater empowerment, authenticity and autonomy. Those struggling with toxic relationships, a lack of confidence, inner peace, healing previous abuse, neglect, care taking or enmeshment in one's history, benefit from this therapy. Others  may have a high sensitivity to the motivated frequencies of others, and not know how to handle their perceptions.   Maybe you feel you don't fit in and don't appreciate this? Seemingly indelible imprints can be recreated. Unconscious restructuring makes this possible.


Fees and Services

Hypnotherapy Sessions   1 - 2 hours $150.00


Past Life Regression 2 hours $150.00

*visit www.divinebeing.biz for other services

*packages available for multiple sessions


Tatiana has a reverent passion for the art of Hypnosis, as a means for profoundly transforming people's lives. 

She received her Hypnotherapy certification, training at the Academy of Hypnotherapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico and her NLP certification in Toronto, in 2018. She is a member of the IBH, and the NFNLP.

She is a professional Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Astrologer and writer, with a worldwide client base. She is currently based in Toronto Ontario, Canada. With the exposure of a variety of situations, and conditions, inherently experienced on our planet, the power of hypnosis offers a remarkable medium, to assist with virtually anything from ailments, addictions, suffering, empowerment and more...

Tatiana has a passion for helping people reach their potential.


Maria M. says: I lost 3 pounds in 2 days after the hypnosis session with Tatiana.

A week later: I am still losing weight.

~ November 24, 2018

Recently, I have felt to address any deeply rooted blockages I may have to prosperity. When I learned Tatiana offers hypnosis, I was thrilled! she did not disappoint. She recorded the session, and I listen to it daily. it hasn't taken me long to see and feel the changes I desired.

~ Amanda Kotter  January 4, 2019

My hypnotherapy session has made huge improvements in such a short time. It's amazing! I will most definitely be using her wonderful services again in the future.

` Alesha B. March 6, 2019

 My confidence and outlook changed from the first session..

DF  May 24, 2019

Sessions with Tatiana have helped me immensely. She has helped me gain clarification, confidence, and helped with my self doubt. I am thankful to have met Tatiana, and look forward to continuing to develop myself with her help.

Hopeful and excited about the future!

~Susan Arruda June 21, 2019

Mary says: Thank you Tatiana for the incredible experience with our hypnosis session. You have helped me so much in dealing with my issues. The hypnosis session helped my inner feelings and emotions and health. After the session I felt amazing. I felt so happy, full of energy, and peaceful. I will recommend my friends and family. I felt very comfortable with you. Thank you again for your work and for dedicating yourself to helping people.

~ June 22, 2019

S.G. says April 11, 2020

Wow thank you soo much Tatiana for this awesome session...I needed this so badly. I feel so good and so much better, and lighter.

Thank you thank you.

Past life Regression By phone April 11, 2020 ~




taking clients for hypnosis and past life regression . workshops coming soon

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